"Festive season to reveal cleaning standards"

The Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year for all food outlets across the country as loved ones get together for a meal, drink and merriment and the kebab lust is induced by a pint or 10.

From experience we can safely predict that the festive season will also be a crucial time for many eateries in terms of their reputation. This is usually the time when cracks appear and many will see a considerable drop in cleaning standards when demand meets sometimes inadequate staffing levels.

Those who pay little regard to cleanliness during this time will be caught out and low kitchen hygiene standards will soon become apparent to customers, who will see dirty floors and more, ensuring they spend their leisure cash at other establishments in the New Year.

We at Sabka Cleaning (UK) LTD advise those in this sector to put hygiene at the forefront during the holiday period. A good reputation rarely gets the attention it deserves whereas bad feedback or bad rep can spread like wildfire and ultimately put your business at risk.

If you find your systems are struggling during this period or that they are not what they should be, note this & do something about it before your reputation is tarnished. We have teams of short term/ one-off and part time cleaners who can easily step in at the last minute to help your business get a face-lift & be ready to take on the New Year with a strong, positive hygiene standards. Contact 01494 611213 or email us at info@sabkacleaning.co.uk if you would like advice on how you can improve your standards.

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