Are your carpets making your employees sick?

How clean are your carpets? Most of us don’t ever give the cleanliness of our carpets much thought until they really begin to look bad. That’s a mistake that many businesses make all over the UK. Even though your carpet may look clean on the surface, it can be harboring dangerous bacteria, mold, dust mites and insects that can make your employees and your customers sick. Carpets with ingrained dirt and stains also reflects badly on your business.

So, why is your carpet the perfect breeding place for bacteria, mold and insects? Well, your carpet provides everything these things need to sustain life; moisture, nutrients bought in from the outside world and a surface for them to attach to.

When you consider what your carpet goes through on a daily basis, soil from people’s feet, hair, dropped food and beverages and a host of dead insects, it can be quite disgusting. And the foot traffic alone in the average business will grind all of this soil and debris down within a day.

We vacuum our carpets on a daily basis you may wonder;

Sure you vacuum regularly & that does help, but vacuuming alone reduces up to 85% off harmful bacteria, mold & insects...what about the other 15%?

To effectively remove 100% of bacteria, mold and insects from your carpets, you need to enlist the services of a professional carpet cleaning company. Don't let your carpets breed bacteria & be the cause of sickness. Call Sabka Cleaning today and have your carpets professionally cleaned to protect the health of your employees and customers.

You might also notice that the air in your office is a lot cleaner due to the reduction of mold and dirt in your carpet, making your business not only look cleaner, but smell better as well.

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