Did you know your carpet is the perfect breeding place for bacteria, mold and insects?

Just because the carpet looks clean after it's vacuumed, many people naturally assume that it's clean. 

In fact, it's quite the opposite! Your carpet provides everything these things need to sustain life; moisture, nutrients bought in from the outside world and a surface for them to attach to. Dust and dirt caught in carpet fibers are a contributing factor towards Asthma & other sicknesses.


Over the length of its lifetime, carpets collect dirt and soil below the surface - which ultimately create unwanted germs! A general vacuum won't pick these up, so it's important to get carpets washed at least every 4-6 months (depending on useage). Don't wait until the carpet is worn out before trying to bring it back to life.

We begin with a vacuum of the surfaces to be cleaned (if not already done) before spraying the carpet to break-down the build up of dirt and grime within the carpet fibers. We then use a professional, portable hot-water extraction system machine to attack the dirt and extract the grime, ensuring your home or office is kept refreshed, clean & healthy.

Not only will you notice cleaner carpets but also a cleaner & more refreshing air quality.

Our carpet cleaning prices start from as little as £25 per room.

Combined with our Window Cleaning services, we can offer you a better deal if you book 2 or more rooms!

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